High Resolution Scan & Printed on Kodak Endura Metallic Paper

11" x  14"   framed to 16"  x  20"



3" x  5"   framed to 8"  x  10"



approximately 24" x 36" - please inquire about availability


{ All Images in Limited Editions of 10 }

For pricing information, contact the artist.







Berries Wink Uluru The Wall Tesselated Beach Terraces, Moray, Peru Stripey Rock Rock in 3D Red Rock III Red Rock II Red Rock I Pier III Outback Canvas Mirror Muralla Limestone Lichen 4 Lichen 1 Four Bricks Equinox Dawn, Andes Dry Waterfall Deco Rock Canyon %26 Ruins Blocks A River Ran Through It A Red River 3 x 4 (Sedona)


Whip, Snap, Crack Uluru Sunrise II Uluru Sunrise I Trees at Sunset Sunset Clouds Sunset Clouds III Sunset Clouds II Sun and Clouds Strange Cloud with Bird Southbank Clouds I Sky Meets Earth Sky and Tree Sedona Sky I Potomac Sunset Mt. Vernon Trees Grass and Clouds Dream Catchery Cloud II Cloud I Cloud Cover


Westfordpalooza Inferno Sparks Sparks a' Palooza Harvest Moon Bonfire Gollem's Candle Flame On Fire Totem Fire Man Fire Fly Fire Alive Fire Alive (Center Cut) Burning Man Bonfire Equinox Fire


A Pool Abutment Birdbath View Blue Pool Botanic Tiles C%26O Reflection Dam Depth Depth (Leaves) Eddy Face the Reflection Fountain Drops I Fountain Drops II Fountain Drops III Fountain Drops IV Ice III Lake Michigan (stones) Lake Michigan @ Sleeping Bear LBJ Pool Leaves and Trees Mast IV Monet's Pond Myriad Ripples Pebbles I Pebbles II Pebbles III Pebbles IV Pebbles IX Pebbles V Pebbles VI Pebbles VII Pebbles VIII Pebbles XI Pebbles XII Pebbles XIII Pebbles XIV Pebbles XIX Pebbles XVII Pebbles XXI Pebbles XXII Pebbles XXIII Pebbles XXIV Pebbles XXV (Stream of Consciousness) Pebbles XXVI Pebbles XXVII Pond Pond II Pool Gem Pool II Pool III Pool IV Pool V Pool VI Raindrops II Ripple Effect II Ripple Effects I Ripples II Shenandoah National I Sunset on Patuxent Tas Pebbles I Turbulence Twins Under Southbank Bridge I Under Southbank Bridge II Under Southbank Bridge IV Under the Tasmanian Arch Wake Wake II Wake Stripes Wake Waves Water Hole Waves Waving Wings Saint Kilda Fountain





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